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Allah razi olsun

Elif (Meryem Ruveyda) Ireland

May the Lords and his Prohet’s greetings and fortune shall be upon you, Uwaysi has been a secret path of tasawwuf for centuries to find and experience the love of Lord and Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). Only in the last decade or so, it has been allowed the share the secrets of uwaysi. The father or patriarch of this path is Uways Al-Qarni. As you know after his departure, Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) asked Ali who was the cousin and the son-in-law of Muhammad and Umer who was a senior companion of the Prophet Muhammad to give his cardigan to Uways Al-Qarni. The cardigan in here is a representation of prophets ways. As you know the first age of happiness also known as asr-i saadet started with Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), as he ended the darkest ages of ignorance by showing the path to the Lord to his ummah/people and by teaching people our Lord and became an example of what a Muslim should be like. The second age of happiness or in other words second asr-I saadet started when Prophet left his cardigan to Uways Al Qarni meaning nthat his dhikr and the way that Uways Al Qarni prayed, loved and worship God and the Prophet is the way to follow. This is not to say do not follow Prophet way in opposite Uways Al Qarni was the great example of following prophets way. He loved and worshiped the prophets so much that he had to throw himself to the floor with love, a love that exist even without seeing the prophet or the Lord. Just like Uways Al-Qarni, Uwais are people who love God and his prophet ( and also all other prophets and saint) without even seeing them. We do the same dhkir that Uway Al Qarni does. In the past this dhikr was a secret and many of the saint and dervishes find God and love of prophet through this way. As mentioned Uwais all about love, a love not for the paradise or the rewards of praying but a love purely to God and his prophet. Love or in other words Elif is main pillar of Islam, as you know you cannot event write Allah(cc) without Elif. It is the start and end of everything. In uwaysi we learn to love everything and everyone around us for the consent of God as everything is God’s creation and has a part of God. Also we learn to be patient, understanding and grateful to any event that we may experience in life, good or bad, knowing that they all come from God. We see these bad experience more like a practical life lesson of God teaching us how to improve our self and souls. So far I have given you a vague overall picture by explaining one side of the love. When you love God and his prophet they also love you back and give back to you 10 times of the love you give to them. How? Through blessings, rewards, pure dreams and so on. I know you might be thinking this is totally crazy, only saints or Sheiks can experience these things. But actually you can. Aren’t you also a servant of the Lord just like them? Why are you putting someone between yourself and God? Isn’t it against what the ayah of Fatiha surah says ‘Iyyake na budu ve iyyake nestein’- I only believe in God and I only ask help from God. When you put a sheik or someone else between you and God, wouldn’t you be breaching your words and acting against what Quran asks from us? In the past we needed Sheiks, especially when access to information was almost impossible, when almost 90% of the population was illiterate , when a book cost as much as a house… However, these days are far gone. Now we can access to any Sariah information within seconds. Hence, people no longer need a sheik to teach them the Sariah of Islam. Only by knowing yourself you can find God and a Sheik cannot help you with this. Let’s dwell on the meaning of knowing yourself further. As you know we have an ego/nefs and a soul inside of us. Like black and white, morning and light, these two are in the opposite direction with different wants and needs. The ego wants materiality, wealth, prestige and so on while the soul seeks God, peace and low. Without knowing ego and the bad characteristics of your ego, you cannot fight against. Through this dhikr, you first see your ego in your dream in the shape of an animal and by reading the characteristics of that animal you will how your ego can attack you and how you should train your ego. Now this is only the one side of the coin. On the other side, you also see your soul. Crazy hah! I know but it’s true, if you don’t believe try the dhikr yourself to experience these by yourself. So when you first see your soul, you probably will see it as a baby or a child. The age of that child shows the age of your soul. The more you do the dhikr every night and every morning, your soul will grow to become a bride to God one day. All of this is communicated to you through dreams in line with surah Zumer ayat 42 “God takes the person when it dies and during their sleep. He then keeps those that have overtaken by death and He send the others backs until a predetermined time. In that are signs for a person who will think” When the person dhikrs God during the day, his/her prisoned soul will be set free in his sleep in order to travel to the mana world and receive lessons from the saints. These lesson that the soul receives during sleep, grows the person spiritually and it is the start of the one’s journey of getting to know God through dhikr. These lessons are not given to the brain but to the soul as only it is the soul that is immortal. This knowledge is the deeper message behind ayah 42 of Zumer surah. After you see your ego in the shape of an animal and your soul as a baby/child, a saint will be appointed to you as your spiritual mana teacher. You do not pick this saint, rather God picks it in your behalf based on the spiritual needs you have. For example, if you are an angry person a very calm saint like Rumi might be given you. After this the Lord picks you among millions of people in the world and gives you a name to show you his love. Let’s dwell on this point a little bit more as there are many secrets hidden behind here. So your parents gave you a name because they love you, your wife/husband might call you in a specific name, your close friends might give you a nickname. These are all because they love you and they want to show how special you are to them by giving you a name. Well, this is exactly what God does when it give you a name. In other words, this is like God saying to you, my dear servant I love you, I picked you among millions of other people and give you a special name that only I will call you. When the final day of judgement comes, the angels will not ask you the questions to test if you are Muslim, they will already know your name, not the name that your parents gave to you, but rather the names that God has given to you. To all of the uwaises, the Siddiq Seal will be given for following the prophet, doesn’t matter your age, gender, language. One day you will see a crack in your nail/toes generally light brown colour that stays whatever you do. This follows by divine smells. When you are doing your dhikr or while praying to God, you will start to get divine smells such as rose, orchid and so on. These are also blessings of God and rewards it gives you for doing the dhikr. These smells belong to saints for example, orchid is for Mother Marry, coffee is for Uways Al-Qarni and so on. You can find all of these details in the website so I will cut this part at here. So you might ask yourself, how can you experience so many blessings by doing so little? It is simple and also very deep. We uwais continuously fight with our as this is the biggest jihad/fight anyone can give. We express our love to prophets and to Lord that we love them once in the morning and once in the night. We do all of our prayers for the love of God not for the love of paradise or rewards. Not only we fight with our egos but also we fight with other people’s egos to help them find the path to God. We read Quran every day in order to implement it in life. We try to leave the deeper meaning of Quran. We apply all of the hadiths in our life rather than just saying it. All these eeman, ikhsan and ikhlas however starts with one place, first love. As you can see, uwais is all about finding, spreading and becoming love. When one clears its soul from all of the shadows of the ego and fills its existence with love, only than he may know real love and thereby know God. The door is open to anyone but making the first step belongs to the person. Allow me to leave you with a great saying of Shams Tabriz: Your fate does not determine the whole path of lie, fate only gives you the turnouts, The destination ( from a to b ) is defined but which turn to take belongs to the passenger. In that case, neither are you in control of your fate, nor are you invulnerable against it. For these who can hear, this is an open invitation, for others whose hear ears are deaf, it’s no more than a bunch of tales. All we can say is experience and see it yourself!

Rabia Zeynep Ululebrar

Allah'in ve Resul'ünün selam ve bereketi üzerinize olsun insallah canim kardeslerim Rabb'imin bana yasattigi bir güzelligi sizinle paylasmak istedim. Bir gün nefsime çok zor gelen bir sey oldu ve beni halsiz düsürdü çok üzüldüm. Rabb'ime yalnizca "Rabbim beni benden iyi bilen sensin. Elhamdülillah" dedim çünkü edecek dua dahi bulamadim. Sonra bir üveys kardesimden mesaj geld ve bana "nasilsin neyin var senin bir derdsn mi var? " dedi hamd olsun hayirdir neden sordun dedigimde "isten geldigimde uyuyakaldim rüyamda" onun duaya ihtiyaci var kalk ve onun için dua et"dediler dedi. Hamd olsun Rabbime biz hiçbir sey söylemezken bizi bizden iyi bilip yardimini esirgemiyor. Böyle Allah sevilmez mi?

Merve menekse

Hepimiz sinavdayiz, hepimiz türlü zorluklarla sinaniyoruz bir çok kez yasadiklarimi agir olarak düsünüp Allah affetsin intihar etmeye kalktim. Beynimi antidepresanlarla uyusturup sadece yemek yiyerek sakinlestigim bir dünya kurmustum kendime... Hep bir duam vardi yanliz olmak, basimi sokacak ev ev olgun es, simdi Ise... Saray gibi bir evim on yas büyük esim ve gittiginde beni yanliz birakacak 6 aylik Bir çalisma hayati vardi.. . Ben istedim Rabbim verdi Her istedigim fazlasiyla oldu Ama içimde tarifi imkansiz huzursuzluk mutsuzluk vardi iki gün icin geldiginde evine gözüm morardi siddet görmeye basladim aldatildim birseyleri isterken hayirlisi demek lazimmis dedim annem sayesinde sayili dualarla zikri basladim, Bir gün bana zikri anlatti sabahinda onu hastaneye götürecegimi söyledim sabah kalktiginda anlattigi gibi sir ayeti verilmisti. O gün basladim Bir yil once Bu günlerde içime giren huzurla devam ettim. Bir ay sonra namaza basladim önceden defalarca denedigim kilamadigim namazi bes vakit kilmaya basladim. Esim gemiden geldiginde sabah namaza alarm kurdugum için telefonumu kirdi sakli gizli korkarak ibadet ediyordum ki Rabbim her zorlugun yaninda bir kolaylik vari bana yasatti, Siz duzelirseniz biz sizin için degistiririz diyen Rabbim degistirdi elhamdülillah sabahlari beni artik o kaldiriyor azicik ters olsam zikrini yapmadin mi diye soruyor bundan büyük mutluluk ne olabilir çok sükür nasip eden rabbime ümitsizlik seytandan biliyorum artik Rabbim ona da nasip edecek zamanini bekliyor. Yasadim ve gördüm çok sükür Buda benim zekatimdir.


Allah in Resulun selam ve bereketi üzerinize olsun canim ailem 29Mart 2017 zikre basladigim tarih zikir aldigim gün rüyamda kabe kabli iki Kuran verildi biri bana digeri annem e ayni gün zikre hem ben hem farkinda olmadan amca kizim a teblig ettim ilk elime çizgi haliinde kina yakildi ilk sahit oldugum bu idi daha sonra sesli kitap dinledim ve ayni anlatildigi gibi farkli açilardan bende yasamaya basladim 17eylül Eyüp sohbetine ailem ile birlikte anlamadigim tatli bir heyecan ve merak ile giderken araba duman duman sohbet e gittik elle görünür bir hediye almamiza ragmen tarifi imkansiz sanki bana bir hediye verilmis gibi bir mutluluk ile eve geldik sükürler olsun daha sonra Muharrem Karabay hocamizin Kaya Ramada sohbetine katildik ben Umre ziyareti daha 3sene önce gitmistim ayni kokuyu da Sohbet e gittigimiz yerde aldim ablam karanfil kokusu aldi Hz Ibrahim makami rüyamda gösterildi esime dua ediyordum .Kuran i kerim tefekkür etmeyi yani düsünmemiz gerektigini zikirden sonra anlayabildim daha önce de okumustum ama Üveys zikri ile idrak etme basladi baslatildi her ögretmenim ayri bir ilgi ayri bir güzellik ile yaklasmakda ve hiçbir sekilde zorlama da yok tamamen kendi aldiklari ilim i bizim ile paylasiyor ve bizlere farkli bir bakis açisi sagliyorlar Biz yasiyoruz elhamdulillah siz niye yasamiyasiniz ki Ayni sitemiz de yazdirildigi gibi yasa ve gör kelamini ancak ??Allah in izni ile yasayarak ögretiyor Rabbim ??Nefs rahmani kokular idrak tefekkür Sevgi Ögrenmek ögretmek Saygi karsiliksiz infak ne arasan güzelden yana Üveyslik de gördüm elhamdulillah ??Enaniyet den Allahima siginirim ??Biz gelmedik dava için bizim isimiz sevda için dostun evi gönüllerdir gönüller yapmaya geldik ??diyen Yunus Emre gibi ??Ask i yasamak aracisiz sevmek Üveyslik ile ögrendim ??????????


VEYSEL KARANI NIN MÜNACATI : ILAHI Sen benim Rabbimin Ben ise senin kulunum Sen herseyi yaratan Halik sin Ben ise senin tarafindan yaratilmis olan mahlukum Sen herkese rizik veren Rezzaksin Ben ise rizkina muhtaç olan merzukum Sen mülkün gerçek sahibi olan Maliksin Ben ise kulun kölen olan memlukum Sen kudreti daima üstün gelen Azizsin Ben ise sana karsi daima zillet içinde olan zelilim Sen hiçbir seye muhtaç olmayan Gani sin Ben ise herzaman sana muhtaç olan fakirim Sen hayati ezeli ve ebedi olan Hayy sin Ben ise Ecel vakti gelince ölecek olan kimseyim Sen kullarina çok ikram eden Kerimsin Ben ise basit ve hakir olan cimriyim


Esselamu Aleyküm ve Rahmetullahi ve berakatuhu. Allahin selami, rahmeti ve bereketi tüm Uveys kardeslerimin, sevdiklerinin ve dua ettigi sevgililerin üzerine olsun InsaAllah. Kardeslerim zikire 9 martta basladim. Baya lütuflar aldim. En güzellerinden biri dün geceydi. Gece eve dönüyordum. Gökteki bi yildizin bana yanip sondugunu gördüm. Rüya ögretmenim bu durumu sahabilerin bana sevgisini ve selamini yolladigina yorumladi. Hamdolsun Rabbime. InsaAllah bu yolda muvaffak olurum. Selametle kalin. Allaha emanet olun..


Ben de bu zikre bir .müsterimin tavsiyesi ile basladim 3 4 g un oldu insallah daim olur ama su bir gerçek ki içim çok rahat

Volkan Akgül

Hamd alemlerin Rabbi Allah c.c mahsustur. Allah c.c selami ve bereketi üzerinize olsun hane halki. Allah c.c hepimizin gönlüne göre versin. Muharrem hocama, Bülent abime ve diger kardeslerime selam olsun, sevgi olsun. Layik olamadik, olanlara selam hürmet sevgi olsun... De ki; Bizim basimiza Allah c.c yazdigindan baskasi gelmez. Müminler ancak ona tevekkül etsinler.


Merhabalar ...bende zikre baslayali 3 gun oldu..dilerim bende sizler gibi yuce RABBIMIN askiyla yanip tutusur Ona layik bir kul olurum...kardeslerim benim icin dua edin...

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